Will Biden Disavow ‘The Lincoln Project?’

(As originally reported on The Conservative Political Network).

Today’s bombshell reporting about ‘The Lincoln Project,’ raises new alarms about the sexism, misogyny, and general misconduct of numerous co-founders and executive leaders within the organization. Since they played a key role in President Biden’s victory, will he disavow them as an organization? He should.

The Democratic communications apparatus quietly acquiesced to The Lincoln Project, as well as Democratic Senior and **Senate** leadership.

Will the Senate Campaigns that took this money give it back? What’s going on here?

In addition to sexual predation, ‘The Lincoln Project’ now stands accused of sexism in their advertisement, especially toward strong Conservative representatives like Ivanka Trump.

Give the money back.

Retract affiliation with ‘The Lincoln Project.’

Donate the rest of the funds that ‘The Lincoln Project’ now owns to charity.

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