America’s Destiny Is Revolutionary!

The next political generation, ruled by ideological populism, either Democratic-Republican populism or Socialist Populism, views America’s destiny as a revolutionary power, not a declining, obsolete country, another break from the Moderate Centrism of the Bush and Clinton-Obama-Biden ‘turning.’

Where do you stand?

In the Bush-Clinton-Obama era, the American Political ideology was defined by a very mediocre, flat, and uninspiring view of America’s role in the world. The only role for America, from a foreign policy perspective, was to penetrate other Countries with American corporate influence and simultaneously negotiate favorable, regional trade deals on behalf of those same corporate interests.

Domestically, Washington became a corrupt cesspool, masked by pseudo-intellectualism. This pseudo-intellectualism, likely worse than the actual policies that emanated from the dirty cesspool, caused decades of American domestic decline. Rates of entrepreneurship plummeted, America became mired in pompous and arrogant idea-making that never contributed to bottom-line GDP, well-being, or Middle America.

Then in ’08-09, corporate bail-outs roiled the Country and the next generation, those most intimately impacted by Washington’s ‘do-nothingism,’ decided to launch competing revolutionary movements to restore the moral compass and mission of the United States.

One side, likely misguided by foreign interests, launched movements toward Socialism, admittedly in the form of Democratic-Socialism, a Marxian outcome most similar to Trotsky’s two-party Socialism.

The other side, rooted in American tradition and history, launched movements toward Democratic-Republicanism, a form that could restore America from global interests and global debt-based finance.

Who will win?

Now, more than ever, Democratic-Republicanism must not retreat from claiming the moral authority, it must not retreat from social media censorship, and it CANNOT retreat from its rightful role in the world as a revolutionary force that can bring, not corporate influence peddling, and not Democracy, but National Sovereignty to the world economic and financial order.

We can no longer tolerate a weak and ineffective foreign policy strategy and moral compass that would sell-out the American people, ship their courageous sons and daughters off to endless foreign wars, and decimate the American Dollar with ‘Modern Monetary Policy’s’ stated position that the endless printing of money has no repercussions.

“Endless Stimulus Is Itself A Lawless Act.”

Also, just remember that the United Nations gave the world’s biggest platform to Muammar Gaddafi.

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