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Parking Fines Can Become A ‘Poor Persons Tax’

In some pockets of the State of Pennsylvania, many municipalities are seeking to plug gaping budget deficits with the re-collection of expired parking fines. The rational for this policy is that some municipalities have a large amount of uncollected parking fines. When those fines have an uncommunicated late fee applied to them, then they become […]

Will Biden Disavow ‘The Lincoln Project?’

(As originally reported on The Conservative Political Network). Today’s bombshell reporting about ‘The Lincoln Project,’ raises new alarms about the sexism, misogyny, and general misconduct of numerous co-founders and executive leaders within the organization. Since they played a key role in President Biden’s victory, will he disavow them as an organization? He should. The Democratic […]

Lt. Governor John Fetterman Declares His Run For Senate, Numerous Republican Hopefuls

In more of the same from the Harrisburg political machine, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has declared his candidacy for the United States Senate, having enacted little legislation or influence after winning the Lt. Gov. election in 2018. He announced on independent media outlet Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube channel. Those rumored to be on the Republican […]

Rep. Bill Huizenga Rejects IMF Perpetual Stimulus

The laundry list of perpetual financing that goes to our world debt-based economic order is astonishing. Watch at how Republican Representative Bill Huizenga, (District 2, Michigan). Who receives funding from the IMF? Iran Chinese Communist Party Syria In short, the International Monetary Fund is stimulating the economies of some of the most despotic and tyrannical […]

Senator Arnold Leaves Legacy Through Prosecution Of Pedophiles

In one of Senator Dave Arnold’s last pieces of sponsored legislation, before tragically succumbing to brain cancer, he developed measures to raise the penalties associated with child pornography and conduct a comprehensive view of child pornography law to look for weaknesses and opportunities to improve in the great State of PA. Senator Dave Arnold left […]

The End Of Trump Or Only The Beginning?

The Wall Street Journal recently took a reversal to their long-standing position on Trump. Long-time Trump supporting Editorialist Strassel writes that Trump’s legacy is finished. We are seeing a dangerous fracture between the American electorate and the corporate media and other corporate entities regarding Trump post-riots. Writing shortly before Trump maintains control of the RNC, […]

Its Official: Hillary Clinton Nominates Josh Shapiro To Serve As The Next Governor Of Our Great State

As evidence of how the Democratic Machine operates, Hillary R. Clinton took to the airwaves to nominate, on behalf of Joe Biden, the next Democratic Candidate for the Great State of PA. No open primary, no debate and discourse, no political campaigning. Just stoned-cold political machinery taking place right before our eyes. What do you […]

Civility Is A Bad Argument For Conservatives

In the 2020 Presidential Election, some Moderate Republicans chose to not only support Joe Biden, but support him on the grounds of “civility.” The “civility” argument holds that Trump’s Twitter account is too ‘nuts and wild’ for a normal human being to witness without exploding, shattering into a thousand pieces and being ‘scattered into the […]

The PA GOP Must Come Together!

The combined marketing, outreach, and policy acumen from PA Republicans is ‘spotty’ at best. The PA GOP General Assembly efforts largely fly under the radar unless picked up by local newspapers. The PA GOP does not coordinate messaging in advance of promising policy initiatives or ideas, nor does the organization mobilize support for legislatory priorities […]