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Run In Pennsylvania, Storm The Assembly!

Now, more than ever, Pennsylvania is at risk of being run by socialists such as Lt. Governor “Jinx” Fetterman. Fetterman, a registered Democratic-Socialist, is ‘bucking’ Democratic Party bosses and positioning himself in a run for Governor. More importantly, down-ballot Republican tickets are at risk of being controlled by RINOs, especially in the Great State of […]

Jeff Bezos Is A Maniacal Individual!

Recent reports have found that Jeff Bezos’ personal investments are becoming a BIG conflict-of-interest for his ownership stake in Amazon Holdings. Jeff Bezos has significant investments across the technology paradigm including into Artificial Intelligence which he reportedly favors over internal projects at Amazon. The long-list of conflicts for Bezos grows by the week! Many have […]

End The Video Game Ban!

A gut-wrenching exchange between Father and Son is circulating the Internet right now. In the exchange, one of the greatest video game prodigies in history has just learned that he was banned from the game, during a regularly scheduled live-stream. Out of nowhere the video game publisher decided to ban this poor and adorable six-year-old […]

Do Pennsylvania Politicians Even Tweet?

The time is coming, very quickly, when politicians will need to ramp-up their online presence or risk losing their ‘Seat.’ Many politicians and strategy professionals at the local level fail to consider the importance of a strong Twitter account or other social media platforms. The politicians who have their accounts and use them authentically, such […]

Free Weezy! Stop Criminalizing Lawful Gun Owners!

Hip-hop sensation, prodigy, and role model, Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was indicted on more trumped-up gun charges. The story doesn’t even matter at this point, this is political retribution, plain and simple. And a racist act by certain “prosecutors.” After coming out in support of Donald J. Trump in the weeks prior to […]

America’s Destiny Is Revolutionary!

The next political generation, ruled by ideological populism, either Democratic-Republican populism or Socialist Populism, views America’s destiny as a revolutionary power, not a declining, obsolete country, another break from the Moderate Centrism of the Bush and Clinton-Obama-Biden ‘turning.’ Where do you stand? In the Bush-Clinton-Obama era, the American Political ideology was defined by a very […]

RINOs Lose Attempt To Regain Control Of GOP

As standard election due diligence initiated by Team Trump winds down and provides more transparency, accountability, and electoral confidence, RINO detractors are left to face up to their failed attempt to regain control of the GOP. If there is one momentous shift in the ideological center of the GOP, it is the famous Bannon-Frum ‘Monk’ […]

Iron Mike Kelly Stands Strong!

Congressional Representative Mike Kelly saw one of the largest Pennsylvania landslide victories throughout the Commonwealth defeating his opponent handily by 20 points. What was his secret other than a great campaign team? Standing strong for Trump and denouncing socialism! Representative Kelly has supported Conservative values in Washington for nearly a decade serving on the House […]

Mastriano Rises In PA!

Senator Mastriano of PA-33, encompassing the middle-southern portion of Pennsylvania, has conducted significant International Media on behalf of the State GOP’s attempt to review election results. Mastriano’s bold conduct helps to ensure that citizens feel a sense of election integrity and that elections are protected in the face of wildly inaccurate public opinion polling industry […]

What Foreign Interests Are ‘Underneath The PA Hood?’

With an incoming Biden Administration, many are wondering how he will address the Sun Tzu Flu aftermath that will hammer State and Municipal budgets, already near insolvency in many parts of the Country, including Pennsylvania. A report in The Wall Street Journal outlines how many liberal politicians on both sides of the aisle are expectantly […]