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Timothy DeFoor Becomes First Black American “Row Officer” In PA State History!

Timothy DeFoor, accepted the concession of his challenger for Pennsylvania State Auditor General. DeFoor ran one of the best GOP campaigns across the State crushing his opponent, a Philadelphian Deputy Mayor, by more than 3% at the ballot box. From his campaign website, DeFoor has significatly more experience than his campaign rival: “Tim started his […]

Maryland Governor Hogan Is No Terry Bollea!

As originally reported in Breitbart, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan demonstrates that he is a big time political opportunist, yet again. For anybody following the drama of Larry Hogan’s repeated antagonism to the Trump Administration, since the coronavirus began, this will come as no surprise. Many initiatives related to the Trump administration were able to secure […]

New Sec. State Is From A Bygone Era

Biden’s incoming Sec. State looks like he has a problem with his base. In a Tweet on his own profile, he laments getting skewered by the Progressive Left after he receives a failing grade for his foreign policy strategy and approach. His response is all too indicative of how the Moderate Dem response to Progressive […]

No Twitter Pat Harkins

I’d link to a tweet from PA Assemblyman, from our Great State’s First District, Patrick Harkins, but he doesn’t have a Twitter profile (or Parler). When I think about the rot and decay of Pennsylvanian politics, I think about the quintessential “party boss,” the ‘do-nothing’ politician who takes a fat salary, that they couldn’t earn […]