Lt. Governor John Fetterman Declares His Run For Senate, Numerous Republican Hopefuls

In more of the same from the Harrisburg political machine, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has declared his candidacy for the United States Senate, having enacted little legislation or influence after winning the Lt. Gov. election in 2018. He announced on independent media outlet Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube channel.

Those rumored to be on the Republican ticket include Congressman Mike Kelly, who has maintained sturdy opposition to the Biden Administration and successfully defended his lengthy service in the US Congress outperforming other Republican candidates in 2020.

Kenneth Braithwaite, a retired one-star Navy Admiral, who most recently served as the US Secretary of the Navy under President Donald J. Trump.

And Paul Mango, who ran unsuccessfully in the GOP Gubernatorial primary, losing to Scott Wagner.

Other rumored candidate include State Senator Doug Mastriano and D-170 PA State Representative Martina White.

Run In Pennsylvania, Storm The Assembly!

Now, more than ever, Pennsylvania is at risk of being run by socialists such as Lt. Governor “Jinx” Fetterman. Fetterman, a registered Democratic-Socialist, is ‘bucking’ Democratic Party bosses and positioning himself in a run for Governor.

More importantly, down-ballot Republican tickets are at risk of being controlled by RINOs, especially in the Great State of PA. RINO Republicans are meanwhile getting ‘smashed’ in the general and even by Trump-supporting Republicans. A key example of what happened all across the United States down-ballot in 2020 comes from Colorado Federal District 03. Congresswoman Boebert destroyed her RINO competitor in the primary and then won effortlessly in the general.

In Pennsylvania, we must continue to support the Trump-era Conservative movement and we must finally fund and resource Republicans that WIN. The Pennsylvania GOP has not been forthright in supporting Trump-era Conservatism, the Party apparatus still largely controlled by Bush-era Republicans. This must CHANGE!

If you are interested in running for office in PA, please contact to be put in touch with the appropriate officials to help you take the next step.

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