Rep. Bill Huizenga Rejects IMF Perpetual Stimulus

The laundry list of perpetual financing that goes to our world debt-based economic order is astonishing. Watch at how Republican Representative Bill Huizenga, (District 2, Michigan). Who receives funding from the IMF?

  • Iran
  • Chinese Communist Party
  • Syria

In short, the International Monetary Fund is stimulating the economies of some of the most despotic and tyrannical regimes in world history. The video is worth a watch!

Timothy DeFoor Becomes First Black American “Row Officer” In PA State History!

Timothy DeFoor, accepted the concession of his challenger for Pennsylvania State Auditor General.

DeFoor ran one of the best GOP campaigns across the State crushing his opponent, a Philadelphian Deputy Mayor, by more than 3% at the ballot box. From his campaign website, DeFoor has significatly more experience than his campaign rival:

“Tim started his career in public service as a Special Investigator with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Inspector General, where he investigated government and contractor fraud, waste and abuse within state government.  Tim then went on to become a Special Agent with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General, investigating Medicaid fraud and illegal prescription drug diversion. Later he became a Fraud Investigator and Internal Auditor for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Health Plan and various federal contractors.”

The PA GOP will need to take a cold, hard look at what happened in 2020 across the State of PA. Well-funded candidates in Trump-friendly districts, such as Sean Parnell, lost races to Biden Democrats. Of course, 2020 pales in comparison to the out-sized Gubernatorial defeat that Wolf handed Wagner.

The PA GOP is in need of serious re-alignment if it is going to stay competitive over the next four years. A politician like DeFoor, not a centrist by any stretch of the imagination, may represent a blueprint for success as a pragmatic realist, Government accountability watchdog, and a politician with a municipal pedigree.

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