Rep. Bill Huizenga Rejects IMF Perpetual Stimulus

The laundry list of perpetual financing that goes to our world debt-based economic order is astonishing. Watch at how Republican Representative Bill Huizenga, (District 2, Michigan). Who receives funding from the IMF?

  • Iran
  • Chinese Communist Party
  • Syria

In short, the International Monetary Fund is stimulating the economies of some of the most despotic and tyrannical regimes in world history. The video is worth a watch!

RINOs Lose Attempt To Regain Control Of GOP

As standard election due diligence initiated by Team Trump winds down and provides more transparency, accountability, and electoral confidence, RINO detractors are left to face up to their failed attempt to regain control of the GOP. If there is one momentous shift in the ideological center of the GOP, it is the famous Bannon-Frum ‘Monk’ debate.

During the debate, Bannon argues for what GOP voters still clearly held onto in the 2020 Presidential race, and as demonstrated by Trump’s 95% approval rating within the Republican Party, that Middle America wants an end to unfair corporate dominance, an end to a form of globalism that erodes American National Interests and aids and abets the rise of Chinese Communism, and an end to Clinton-Bush-Obama era political correctedness.

Like Frum’s performance in this debate, and while the RINOs did in fact tip the election to Biden, they failed miserably in gaining any adherence to an ideological or philosophical platform, which Trump still firmly controls.

Many Liberals, and many centrists who buy into Liberal talking points, ‘clutch-their-pearls’ at the Bannon-Trump ideology. Why? Has Trump proved to be an anti-Semite? No, most favorable and concessionary trade deals completed on behalf of the Nation of Israel in US history. Did Trump prove to be a racist? No, criminal justice reform complete. And don’t forget that the stock market rises higher due to one of the most favorable business climates in the history of the Country.

What did RINOs provide as their ideological platform? Who knows! They kept warning us that Trump would go off-the-rails, he was a tyrant and dictator, he wasn’t smart and sophisticated enough to be a President, and worse, his voter base was not smart enough to elect a President.

There are many delusional RINOs who still exist. But did Bush’s kin win his Congressional election? Will the Bush Family be reborn? Not likely any time soon as Pierce Bush lost his recent Congressional bid.

It is now the RINOs who are not facing up to reality. They refuse to give credence to electoral results which saw Trump still land more votes than any incumbent in history, they fail to accept that the Bush-era ideological platform has been failed for many years, and they are unwilling to accept that in an era of social media prominence, political leaders must be ‘loud and proud,’ not timid, meek, mild, and politically correct.

Moreover, Trump’s down-ballot victories further secures the Bannon-Trump ideological movement, at least for the next four to eight years. I would hate to be a RINO over the upcoming few years as they must be feeling like their days are numbered.

“Be it resolved, the future of Western politics is populist, not liberal.”

Maryland Governor Hogan Is No Terry Bollea!

As originally reported in Breitbart, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan demonstrates that he is a big time political opportunist, yet again.

For anybody following the drama of Larry Hogan’s repeated antagonism to the Trump Administration, since the coronavirus began, this will come as no surprise.

Many initiatives related to the Trump administration were able to secure tests from foreign markets that worked, however, Hogan’s did not.

In June, fresh off the heels of the outbreak of a global pandemic, Hogan told supporters that he was eyeing a run for The White House in 2024.

I feel sorry for Marylanders everywhere! Challenging an incumbent is within any politician’s freedom, but using the coronavirus outbreak to do so simply reeks of political opportunism!

I am a REAL American!

New Sec. State Is From A Bygone Era

Biden’s incoming Sec. State looks like he has a problem with his base. In a Tweet on his own profile, he laments getting skewered by the Progressive Left after he receives a failing grade for his foreign policy strategy and approach.

His response is all too indicative of how the Moderate Dem response to Progressive criticism will unfold during the Biden-Harris era. Professionals, including bureaucrats and lobbyists, who are now elevated to Senior positions in the Biden-Harris White House will respond poorly to Progressive attacks, only emboldening the Progressive wing of the Party who lost big time down-ballot in 2020.

Progressive Zeeshan Aleem asks what we are all thinking, do you have an actual policy response, Blinken?

No response.

An embarrassing exchange for Blinken given his elevation to Sec. State just a few days later. Blinken should hire a publicist before he goes the way of Rahm.

I agree, Rashida. Keep Lighthizer as Trade Rep.!

St. Louis Lawlessness Continues