Do Pennsylvania Politicians Even Tweet?

The time is coming, very quickly, when politicians will need to ramp-up their online presence or risk losing their ‘Seat.’ Many politicians and strategy professionals at the local level fail to consider the importance of a strong Twitter account or other social media platforms. The politicians who have their accounts and use them authentically, such as Senator Douglas Mastriano, can command influence and transparency. Those other lame politicians that seek to use their accounts for political “correctedness” will lose ground.

One of the most stale Republican Party associated accounts in Pennsylvania is the PA GOP’s Twitter Account itself! They haven’t even Tweeted during the month of December, while Senator Mastriano is carrying the load. The PA GOP’s Tweets, when they finally get around it it, don’t promote any unique PA-centric policy initiatives. The PA GOP is an organization that relies on charismatic politicians to carry voters such as Mastriano and Trump, but when it comes time to support populist, real, and authentic candidates, the PA GOP would much rather support “The Lincoln Project” RINOs.

For example, the supposed Speaker of the PA Assembly, Republican Bryan Cutler hasn’t tweeted since June, a self-congratulatory Tweet thanking himself for becoming the Speaker of the PA Assembly. I hope he is OK.

The problem with politicians who don’t believe that public transparency is their job and responsibility, and who simply want to Tweet drivel, are damaging the electoral process. They are affirming a political process that few know or care about, they are selling themselves short, and they wonder why public opinion of their work has never been lower. It is time for all politicians to step UP and be real, raw, and authentic!

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