End The Video Game Ban!

A gut-wrenching exchange between Father and Son is circulating the Internet right now. In the exchange, one of the greatest video game prodigies in history has just learned that he was banned from the game, during a regularly scheduled live-stream.

Out of nowhere the video game publisher decided to ban this poor and adorable six-year-old because ‘all-of-a-sudden’ he failed to meet the requirements for playing the game. As a prodigy, he has inspired countless Fathers and Sons, likely to improve their ‘one-in-a-lifetime’ bond. But thankfully, he’s back!

The banning of video game players comes after a wave of bans levied punitively across society. In 2019, the Federal Government enacted another smoking criminalization, increasing the age requirement to twenty-one. The smoking criminalizations are yet another example of a Federal Government that is ‘ban-happy’ and flagrantly out-of-control.

America is currently witnessing a rise of Socialism, fueled by an attempt to resurrect the Trotskyite two-party socialist state, under the banner of Democratic-Socialism. One of their main arguments is that America’s capitalist system outlaws everything that the State does not view as “transactional.” What could be less “transactional” than video games and cigarettes?

The neo-Trotskyites argue that our so called “late-stage” capitalism has prioritized work and transactional relationships. I agree, but for entirely different reasons than the Leninists. The Leninists will then argue for even more bans suggesting that the State should ban motor vehicles because of the amount of vehicular deaths and homicides that occur each year. They will advocate for an entire ban on an individual’s right to own a motor vehicle and will suggest that America should be solely built around public transportation.

The Trotskyites view bans as a tool to leverage power against citizens and oppress Americans. They support wholeheartedly bans as a reverse-psychological tactic. By decrying public health oriented bans levied by the Federal Government, then by advocating for more extensive banning, the Trotskyites use a proven Leninist tactic – doublespeak. This happened constantly during Stalinism. The Stalinist regime would ban and outlaw cigarettes, fire Party members for excessive smoking and drinking, but encourage citizens to use cigarettes as a tool for barter and trade.

We can no longer continue to ban everything! We cannot ban video games or cigarettes like we do. What’s next?

Hillary Clinton argues that guns are next! Astonishing!

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