Its Official: Hillary Clinton Nominates Josh Shapiro To Serve As The Next Governor Of Our Great State

As evidence of how the Democratic Machine operates, Hillary R. Clinton took to the airwaves to nominate, on behalf of Joe Biden, the next Democratic Candidate for the Great State of PA.

No open primary, no debate and discourse, no political campaigning. Just stoned-cold political machinery taking place right before our eyes.

What do you think about that?

It must be nice for Josh Shapiro to claim Hillary Clinton’s big swinging endorsement and clarion call to run for the Governorship. It must be nice for him to not go through the primary election rigors, immediately receive donor support from across the nation, and receive attention and support from local Democratic headquarters across the State. Has he really earned it?

He’s definitely the better choice than ‘Fats Fetterman,’ an open, committed, and avowed Trotskyite, but shouldn’t the Democrats have a more robust debate for who serves as their next Gubernatorial nominee?

All par for the course from the Clinton (Gambino) crime family.

Here’s the latest from Shapiro. Maybe he should ‘peak-under-the-hood’ of the PA DEMS as he’s investigating SCAMS!

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