Jeff Bezos Is A Maniacal Individual!

Recent reports have found that Jeff Bezos’ personal investments are becoming a BIG conflict-of-interest for his ownership stake in Amazon Holdings. Jeff Bezos has significant investments across the technology paradigm including into Artificial Intelligence which he reportedly favors over internal projects at Amazon.

The long-list of conflicts for Bezos grows by the week!

Many have long decried his vanity ownership of the Washington Post where he integrates no new innovation or does any true investigatory journalism, except for some great investigations into MBS’ alleged hacking of United States and World Officials, including Bezos himself.

In addition to being roiled in hacking and personal scandals, Bezos now is reportedly leveraging his ownership of the Washington Post to strike favorable deals for local distribution and fulfillment centers where he trades “political cache” for “economic development bucks.”

With Facebook in the news for anti-trust investigations, the question must be asked, why aren’t we considering the break-up of Amazon? Why?

The big three tech giants, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, with Facebook being the much younger step-child, so really the big two, also need serious investigation into their anti-trust conduct and behavior. This investigation should also seek to impose strict punitive damages on tech CEOs who refuse to relinquish control of their companies, unlike Brin and Page. Bezos and Facebook (Zucchini Zuck), who both should have stepped aside long ago should have the following restrictions imposed on their private holdings:

  1. A much greater transparency into their private holdings, the extent of their control over these holdings, and the technological ramifications associate with these “personal interests.”
  2. An investigation into whether there is a conflict-of-interest ‘at-play’ when a tech CEO squashes internal initiatives in favor of their personal holdings.

Amazon must be included in the anti-trust claims brought forth by US Governors and Senators. We must watch Bezos more closely, especially for his ‘wanton’ ownership of vanity projects upon which he ‘sits’ without little interest in serving the greater societal good.

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