Mastriano Rises In PA!

Senator Mastriano of PA-33, encompassing the middle-southern portion of Pennsylvania, has conducted significant International Media on behalf of the State GOP’s attempt to review election results. Mastriano’s bold conduct helps to ensure that citizens feel a sense of election integrity and that elections are protected in the face of wildly inaccurate public opinion polling industry that discredits each electoral cycle.

Senator Mastriano is a Military Service Veteran serving in the liberation of Kuwait before embarking on a storied career that spanned NATO Executive Leadership and a Professorship at the U.S. Army War College. Mastriano first won his District in 2019 beginning what will likely be a successful career in the PA Senate. He is the author of two books: Thunder in the Argonne: A New History of America’s Greatest Battle and Alvin York both published with the University of Kentucky Press.

What legislation is Mastriano currently working on? Important legislation!

Already, Mastriano is on the short-list to run for PA Governor on the Republican ticket. His successful International media appearances have garnered him praise from many Conservative publications and outlets.

Unfortunately, Senator Mastriano’s tireless and fearless championing of the Conservative Agenda has landed him with Covid. We wish the Senator and his family the very best health during this Christmas season!

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