New Missing Persons Offices Support Native American Sovereignty And Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Ivanka Trump recently announced the opening of seven Missing and Murdered Persons Cold Case Offices, including one in Billings, Montana. Pennsylvania, a State that has long suffered from outrageous Government managed services and programs that support the well-being of children, including Offices of Children and Youth with many notable unresolved cases of Child Sex Abuse, could use a similar initiative.

The bureaucratic nightmare of Pennsylvania Government is well documented. In addition to ballooning pension debt-obligations, many local municipalities in the State of Pennsylvania suffer from the ‘old-boys-club’ style of political affairs, unfortunately caused by Democrat and RINOs alike!

Pennsylvania, once the State overcomes the coronavirus pandemic, must work to invest in the well-being of women and children, especially those who have been exploited at the hands of sex predators. The State would greatly benefit from “Lady Justice, PA.”

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