New Sec. State Is From A Bygone Era

Biden’s incoming Sec. State looks like he has a problem with his base. In a Tweet on his own profile, he laments getting skewered by the Progressive Left after he receives a failing grade for his foreign policy strategy and approach.

His response is all too indicative of how the Moderate Dem response to Progressive criticism will unfold during the Biden-Harris era. Professionals, including bureaucrats and lobbyists, who are now elevated to Senior positions in the Biden-Harris White House will respond poorly to Progressive attacks, only emboldening the Progressive wing of the Party who lost big time down-ballot in 2020.

Progressive Zeeshan Aleem asks what we are all thinking, do you have an actual policy response, Blinken?

No response.

An embarrassing exchange for Blinken given his elevation to Sec. State just a few days later. Blinken should hire a publicist before he goes the way of Rahm.

I agree, Rashida. Keep Lighthizer as Trade Rep.!

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  1. Lighthizer For Sec State
    Lighthizer For Sec State says:

    Completely agree! Lighthizer needs to decouple the Chinese supply chain from the US. Keep him on board! He’s “bipartisan” anyways!


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