No Twitter Pat Harkins

I’d link to a tweet from PA Assemblyman, from our Great State’s First District, Patrick Harkins, but he doesn’t have a Twitter profile (or Parler).

When I think about the rot and decay of Pennsylvanian politics, I think about the quintessential “party boss,” the ‘do-nothing’ politician who takes a fat salary, that they couldn’t earn for themselves otherwise in the private sector, runs unopposed term after term, and votes along Party lines never championing new initiatives to repair their economically blighted and depressed communities.

Pat Harkins (D-PA-1) is a great example of this!

What has Pat Harkins done for his district lately? His district is one of the most economically depressed throughout the State of Pennsylvania. He is certainly not making himself available to constituents via social media.

Does he have a Facebook Account?

Does he have a Twitter Account?

He won’t see this post anyway, because he may not even own a computer!

Pat Harkins should be leading the agenda in the PA General Assembly to strengthen our inner city communities through a few policy initiatives at very least:

  • Pro-investment and anti-“red-zoning.” Pat Harkins is a Democrat, but fails to talk at all about the legacy of red-lining that has occurred primarily in his district preventing tens of thousands of hard-working Black and Hispanic Americans from obtaining the same favorable low-interest rate mortgage loans because of the color of their skin. Harkins has broken from local Democratic leaders in his party who champion these initiatives failing to attend key events led by Lisa Austin, a noted Democratic-Independent in the area.
  • Support local small businesses. What are the success rates of small businesses in his district? Does anybody know? Why isn’t he promoting small businesses via a robust Twitter account?

In NWPA, consider change in PA-1. At least elect somebody with a Twitter Handle. Sheesh!

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