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The PA Political Review has an Innovative subscription package tailored for consumers of long-form, in-depth writing about Pennsylvania politics! All content on our website is ALWAYS free! A PA Political Review subscription sends each subscriber a 5,000 word “Pamphlet” once each month. Some of the topic areas that each Pamphlet includes are the following:

  • A review of PA Politicians, their policy priorities, stances on issues, and mistakes or successes while in office.
  • Regional perspectives that explore hot-button issues and topic areas.
  • Policy reviews and discussion of innovative Pennsylvania policy priorities.
  • Unique cultural perspectives about the Great State of Pennsylvania such as artists, poets, and other historical figures that were born Pennsylvania.

The pamphlet is formatted much like a miniature book and is delivered electronically, via electronically via email in .PDF and .MOBI file formats or in print as a miniature Booklet.

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