The End Of Trump Or Only The Beginning?

The Wall Street Journal recently took a reversal to their long-standing position on Trump. Long-time Trump supporting Editorialist Strassel writes that Trump’s legacy is finished.

We are seeing a dangerous fracture between the American electorate and the corporate media and other corporate entities regarding Trump post-riots. Writing shortly before Trump maintains control of the RNC, Strassel notes that Trump’s legacy is over. Is it? Not only did he earn 75 million votes during the election, but he retains control of the RNC apparatus for the next four years. However, the WSJ now denounces him and many corporate entities such as The PGA and Stripe are now rejecting doing business with Trump associated businesses or even the RNC with Stripe rejecting payments on Trump affiliated websites.

We could be witnessing the rebirth of the same political movement that gave rise to Trump. When corporate media and establishment players take unfair shots, such as Twitter’s ban and censorship of Trump, they ignore the popular will and only fuel sentiment against liberal and centrist bias. In today’s America that translates to 75 million votes and control of the Republican National Committee.

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