The PA GOP Must Come Together!

The combined marketing, outreach, and policy acumen from PA Republicans is ‘spotty’ at best. The PA GOP General Assembly efforts largely fly under the radar unless picked up by local newspapers. The PA GOP does not coordinate messaging in advance of promising policy initiatives or ideas, nor does the organization mobilize support for legislatory priorities unless it is in support of special interest groups who are driving the bus.

The PA Democrats are far more organized, especially digitally. Why is this the case? PA Democrats actually make statements about things on their Twitter accounts.

While the above argument by the PA House Democrats is faulty and flawed, for many reasons, it is not being answered at all by the PA House GOP. What is going on here?

Are the PA House Republicans bankrupt? Do they prefer not to succeed? Hard to tell.

After a defeat in the 2020 Presidential race and a defeat in 2018 when the PA GOP failed to adequately support Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner, it is time for change in how the PA GOP’s infrastructure is organized throughout the State of PA. These changes include:

  1. Transition all communications onto Twitter so that information can be shared via independent media.
  2. Pay sophisticated digital media experts to manage associated media accounts.
  3. Drill down locally to provide critical information about specific districts to important constituent groups, and map these groups and districts in a ‘war room’ scenario.

The PA GOP will continue to lose election after election if they do not take control over their digital media!

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