Vonne Andring Darling Of The PA GOP

Vonne Andring was recently promoted to a Senior, Executive position within the Pennsylvania GOP, a stuffy and ineffective organization that took credit for Trump’s narrow Electoral Victory in the 2016 Presidential General Election. Good! They need her!

The PA GOP political playbook is definitely tired, Vonne. We agree! Here is what the PA GOP could do to become truly self-reliant:

  • Use their Twitter Accounts more effectively.
  • Attack Fetterman because he is a major force for Socialism in the State of PA and if unchecked he will unseat Shapiro for next in line.
  • Stop relying on charismatic National politicians, aka The Trump Family, and start nurturing homegrown talent with homegrown political infrastructure.
  • Toss out the RINOs, let them start their own Independent, Third Party, which is what they want to do anyway.
  • Promote Vonne to Chair of the PA GOP, it is high time that a woman, with energy, assumes the Party apparatus after failed current leadership.

Well stated!

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