What Foreign Interests Are ‘Underneath The PA Hood?’

With an incoming Biden Administration, many are wondering how he will address the Sun Tzu Flu aftermath that will hammer State and Municipal budgets, already near insolvency in many parts of the Country, including Pennsylvania. A report in The Wall Street Journal outlines how many liberal politicians on both sides of the aisle are expectantly awaiting ‘The Biden Billion,’ cash infusions to ‘buy-out’ the debt of State and Municipal Governments.

While Ms. Boebert is right to call for a repudiation of State bail-outs, if State bail-out legislation does get pushed through by big spending Federal Senators, we must ensure that bail-out funds do not go toward foreign-owned interests, assets, or other entities and groups. How could foreign-owned assets get bailed-out? Simple, if the State of PA decides to forgive business loans of foreign-owned businesses or individuals or the State has any public-private partnerships with foreign-owned entities, then these groups should NOT, under any circumstances, receive a bail-out.

Bail-outs of any kind create disincentives and structural unfairness. We cannot jeopardize the moral integrity of lawful businesses by bailing out foreign-owned entities.

We agree, Lauren!

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